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Mac N' Cheese Delivery.

We are able to deliver Mac N' Cheese in pots or in trays to your door or they can be collected. This service is extremely popular at parties when hosts would like a vegan option delivered to them, Christmas, New years eve/day, birthdays, christenings, work parties and Easter.

Please advise of any allergens

mac pot black glove.jpg

How To Order

Go to our contact page and simply tell us what it is and how much you would like to order.

Tell us how many pots or trays you would like? (trays are come in 8 inches / 11 inches or 13 inches)

What cheese/s would you like on top of your Mac N' Cheese?

- Applewood - Gouda

- German Smoked - Mature Cheddar - Jalapeno - Blue Cheese - Cranberry Wensleydale

Would you like chilly flakes on top?

Would you like onions and / or tomatoes?

Ripe Tomatoes
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